GAMBIT is a tooling server designed to improve the quality of Guardium deployments and make Guardium administrators more efficient and effective. Being built by Guardium administrators for Guardium administrators makes GAMBIT’s key functions easy to use and Guardium easier to manage.


GAMBIT’s key functions provide mechanisms to improve the quality and health of STAP configurations, improve the consistency of appliance configurations, allow traffic simulations for policy and report testing and quick CLI and grdapi script creation.


Regardless of deployment size, GAMBIT’s four key functions can help you with:

  1. Database Traffic Simulation – Uses the universal feed to create realistic policy and report test case for Guardium.
    • Create test cases that ensure policies fire when expected and that reports show the data you expect
    • Regress to ensure changes to policies and the environment don't break rules and reports that are currently working
    • Easy debugging of environments
  2. System Checks – Compare output to CLI commands and Guardium reports against security, health and configuration baselines.
    • Verify that appliances follow security and configuration best practices
    • Confirm that appliances are healthy
  3. Scope Verification – Compare what is being captured to what your scope specifies.
    • Check that STAPs are both active and ending all expected traffic
    • Monitor if there are any changes in the environment such as a database migration that cause a loss of auditing
  4. Enhanced Shell – A full-function CLI editor built specifically for Guardium.
    • Build grdapi and CLI scripts to help with efficient changes to appliance configuration
    • Concurrent running of scripts on multiple appliances at once

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For a closer look, watch our online GAMBIT demo. John Haldeman walks through the key functions and discusses use case examples.


Learn why the Information Insights team likes GAMBIT. Download our technical overview to view appliance specs for virtual machines, operating systems and port requirements.


Gambit Syscheck
Running a GAMBIT syscheck to identify configuration, health, and security issues on Guardium appliances.
Gambit Shell Script
Running a GAMBIT shell script to perform scripted configuration of a Guardium appliance.

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Services Snapshot

    Enterprise Data Security
  • Privileged User and Sensitive Data Monitoring
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Health Checks
  • Guardium Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
  • Managed Services
  • Guardium Database Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
  • IBM Authorized Training
  • IBM Security Guardium
  • InfoSphere Optim